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  • Travelling to Kramfors airport:
    Please book your flight via Nordic regional to Kramfors airport that is just 5 minutes to the venue of the seminar, you must reserve your ticket ONLY by the phone:
    +46 920-23 23 63
    or internet booking.
    from monday to friday 8am to 18pm

    and it will be must cheaper for you, the airport transfer will cost you not more than 5 Euros
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from The Knot

1.Mr. Tony Vieira / trainer & organizer - Sweden
2.Mr. Ronald Keersmaekers
 - Belgium
3.Ms. Aleksandra Szmit - Poland
4.Ms. Laura Kuk - Slovenia
5.Mr. Bengt Söderlind - Sweden

VUFEs association stuff:
6. Ms Catarina Éden
7. Sandra Molund
8. Veronika Persson

Hola Folkhögskola stuff:
9. Michael Tjärnlund, email.

    -We will hopefully try to see a Ice Hockey macth between Sollefteå Hockey:
    Skiing / Snowboard activities in Sollefteå mountains:
    Look here!
    Or see more at Hallstaberget mountain:

    Possibilities for Swedich SAUNA, Ping pong, bandy indoors, Fitness gym, Volleyboll, Computer room with IT acess available  24 hours, library, soccer indoors, Snowmobile in the mountains of Hallstaberget arrangent by snowmobile club of Sollefteå, Bowling hall activities and cinema dvd nights.

    Practicalities contacts:
     For all the practical information about the meeting sent


Or contact   Mr. Tony Vieira 

Phone office hours 07.00 am – 16.30 pm.         +46 620 68 23 12

Cellular. +46 703 46 18 92

Fax.        +46 620 68 21 97





































































































































CMS Sollefteå Sweden 2007

    Contact Making Seminar
    " Creating co - operation for Youth in action "
    Sollefteå Sweden

    14th - 19 th march 2007
    Travel dates: 14th and 19th March 2007

    Working days: 4

    Participants: 34 (2 each country)

    Meeting each other face to face will give us possibility to create lively co-operation (Youth Programme countries). Our aim is to establish new contacts and generate projects for young people in which they will be involved and participate in the full meaning of this word, we want to creat new projects with the new EU youth programme YOUTH IN ACTION.


    28th january 2007

    Download the new  draft programme here!

    DAY 1

    Who am I, Who are you?

    ·          Welcome, Practicalities, Introduction of the Contact meeting

    ·          Names Energizers:
       Human Bingo + My name

    ·          Introduction to the seminar

    ·          Coffee break

    ·          Rules of working

    ·          Aims and objectives

    ·          Expectations, hopes and fears

    ·          Lunch


    ·          Getting to know each other “Where am I’m coming from?  What am I doing here?

    ·          Me as a youth worker?  My role my tasks?

    ·          Coffee break

    ·          The youth work in my country?  Identity
    Be yourself

    ·          Reflection groups

    ·          Preparation of the exhibition

    ·          Dinner


    welcome cocktail party - Socializing
    Organization market -

    DAY 2

    Me ó Organization


    ·          introduction to the Youth Programme

    ·          workshop: "The new priorities of the Youth Programme"

    ·          Working groups: sharing personal experiences on different types of youth addiction

    ·          Coffee break

    ·          Expressing and discussing common project ideas

    ·          Lunch

    ·          Short ABC of Project management

    ·          International Teamwork and Partnership

    ·          group work: "Let’s to create a Youth project"

    ·          Coffee break

    ·          Group Work “ Application forms workshop”

    ·          Reflection groups

    ·          Preparation for intercultural Evening

    ·          Dinner


    Opening of the exhibition and visit of the stands
    intercultural party - Socializing

    DAY 3

    Developing joint projects

    ·          Project ideas & development

    ·          Developing joint projects

    ·          Short visit to a local youth council & Municipality

    ·          Coffee break

    ·          Developing joint projects “open space”

    ·          Lunch



    ·          Cont. Developing joint projects “open space”

    ·          Discussion (round table)

    ·          The follow-up and future plans

    ·          Reflection groups

    ·          Dinner


    Project pub /  Socializing

    DAY 4

    Conclusion & Finalisation of projects

    ·          Presentation & plenary discussion with the summing up – outlines for results of the developed projects / report

    ·          Coffee break

    ·          Cont. Presentation & plenary discussion with the summing up – outlines for results of the developed projects / report

    ·          Lunch



    ·          Plan of action plan & follow up

    ·          Contact list

    ·          Evaluation of the Contact meeting

    ·          Reflection groups

    ·          Dinner


    Farewell Party / Socializing




    The basic contemplated working methods are as follows:

    -    Group-building exercises,

    -    Lectures, presentations,

    -    Group discussions,

    -    Role-plays,

    -    Simulation games,

    -    Site visits,

    -    Questionnaires and evaluation forms,

    -    Reflection groups.




    2 youthleaders / youngsters per country

    Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Malta, Bulgaria, Grekland, Romania, Estonia, Slovenia, ,  Sweden, Belgium, Turkey, Holland and Italia.


    The Contact making seminar shall host 30 participants hailing from Non Governmental Organisations from Europe,

    Believing in equal opportunities, VUFE “We Youth For Europe Association” respects gender balance between males and females.

    In principle, contact persons are reminded that their respective delegations should be young people aged between 18 and 40 years of age. Should you have a problem in selecting participants please inform us.




    Kramfors / Sollefteå Sweden Scandinavian



    Fixed  Dates

    Travel draft days14h to 19th march 2007



    Participation fee:

    40 Euros per person
    It will be discounted from  your 30% of your travel costs from your home to here.
    We have granted from the YOUTH programme  70% of your travel costs.


    Programme of Activities

    We are providing you with a programme of activities. We ask you to make
    this available to the delegate/s attending the event. Delegates are
    expected to be present for all sessions and those not present will
    forfeit reimbursement.

    This project is administrated by We Youth For Europe

    The trainers will be hold by The Knot in Brussels Belgium
    for more information look into here:


    Reimbursement of Travel
    -          Travel expenses are 70% reimbursed (on presentation of the relevant receipts) if you
    travel in the cheapest way,  The payment will be made
    by bank transfer, NOTE! no cash reimbursement  only by bank transfer.
    Upon arrival in Ukraine participants shall be able to photocopy their travel tickets but we want
    you to photocopy them already in your country before using in the travel so we have the full
    copy of the original ticket and official receipts (2 copies). Once proof of travel cost is collected
    and the hosts will reimburse 70% of the total travel cost.

    -          Observe that the reimbursement will only be made 2 months after the activities of
    the program because the national agency reimburse the grant only after the final report.

    -          Any other expenses as for the visa application should also be handed on the arrival
    day at the hotel.

    -          Together with PARTICIPATION APLICATION FORM, we also need to know your whole estimated draft travel expenses and the name of the city that you travel including the mean of transport(train, car, bus, plane). 

    -          Participants are expected in Sollefteå Sweden 14th march 2007
    and depart the following 19st march 2007. This means that participants are hosted for 5 nights and that contact persons are to
    book participants’ travel tickets on these dates early to avoid full
    flights. The travel tickets booked should be notified to us as soon
    as possible and registered on the delegates registration form
    (will be sent to you after aproval of the project). 

    -          When you get a offer of the travel flight are recommended as they
    are the cheapest you shall contact the project coordinator to check if
    the price is reasonable and if maybe in Sweden we can buy
    cheaper flights.




    Participants will be accommodated at no charge for a maximum of 5 nights
    on full board basis (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at the youth hostal.


    Delegates will be accommodated singel room 1 person in a room and thus
    each delegate will be sharing the room if they want.  We shall however do our outmost to try to satisfy all your accommodation demands.


    Each participant will have singel bedroom with toallete.




    Food and Beverages

    Since delegates will stay on a Full Board basis and Half Board Basis, all
    meals shall be covered by the hosts. However, in the case of beverages
    (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) delegates are expected to purchase
    their own. Therefore we recommend that participants have some
    money available.



    Dietary / Health Conditions

    If you have any particular dietary restrictions or suffer serious
    health conditions or allergies, kindly indicate this in the registration form.



    Extra Nights

    Whilst air companies operates daily flights to a number of destinations,
    some other destinations only receive flights from Sweden once or twice
    a week. This might encourage participants to stay for extra days.

    o   Also participants may be interested in discovering the Sweden and
    stay over for a post-event break. We are therefore
    encouraging participants to stay for extra days in Sweden
    have made arrangements by themselves. The extra nights are going
    to be paid by the participants and so be reducted from
    the Reimbursement because we as organizers are going to pay for
    all the nights of the participants from 14th to 19 march. As we said in
    our first correspondence the extra nights are going to be paid
    by participants.




    Transfers from the airport to youth hostel shall be organized by the hosts
    and this is why indication of arrival time / flight number is required on
    the delegates registration form.




    Participants are required to be in possession of a travel insurance policy,
    since this will not be covered by the hosts. Whilst organizing the event
    with utmost diligence, the hosts are nonetheless relieved of any
    or responsibility arising from death, personal injury, illness, theft or any
    other misfortunate circumstance. Participants are to indicate
    insurance cover in the delegates registration form, and encouraged to effect such
    insurance policy as precaution is better than cure!




    Sweden has its own currency  - 1 Euro = 9,40 Swedich kronor:



    Registration Desk

    Registration desk will be open all day on Monday 14th march 2007 be
    instructed to the youth hostel Reception. For this purpose the
    registration desk shall be located in the youth hostal Lobby near the
    main entrance.



    Meetings / Workshops

    All plenary meetings / worshops will take place in the empty room
    Hall. Workshops are going to be held within the different conference
    rooms that the youth hostal corporate, some of the worshops will
    be outdoors.

    Evening Entertainment

    Evening entertainment

    We will select a social Entertainment committee (participants themselves)
    So prepare to organize yourself a Party J



    Weather Conditions
    The temperature in Sweden at this time of year is still pretty cold and the more adventurous people may wish to even take very warm clothesl. You may check latest weather conditions on internet.

    weather site:


    just look after sollefteå

    The late winter and almost beginning of the spring is rather not so
    warm. Sollefteå is a nordic city and is 6 months dark and 6 months light, so
    be prepared for darkness 15 to 17 hours a day, therefore it would be suitable
    to prepare yourself for cold weather as -10 or -15, rain never occur
    only snowfall.



    Working Language

    Delegates should also be conversant in English, since all plenaries, presentations, worshops, games and meetings will be delivered in this language. Participants shall speak GOOD english.
    If you cannot speak conversant english, you CAN NOT PARTICIPATE in this event.



    To bring with you

    We kindly ask participants for bringing materials about their organisations

    Something typical from your town, region or country – music, food or drinksJ – to share with other participants during the intercultural evening will be welcomed!! And of course don’t forget about lots of energy, enthusiasm and curiosity!! Big smile! For the exhibition you are asked to bring with you everything you think may be useful to present your organisation and promote your activities and projects, such as leaflets, brochures, videos, slides, etc.

    o         Some discs with the national music

    o         Inform. materials for multimedia presentation

    o         Flags of your countries

    o         Comfortable shoes for sport games both inside and outside, think that outside is always Ice and snow 100% everywhere you go, so take good shoes.

    o         a waterproof jacket

    o         a swimming suit

    o         a big towel for a sauna and Swimming

    o         Shampoo, soap, tooth paste and brash, etc.

    o         Individual specific medicines (if it’s really necessary, we have only standard set of medicines)

    o         Cap or other warm hat because is -10 to -15 ooutside and you need to protect your head and hears, you can always buy here, this things are also cheap here in Sollefteå
    and it will be a souvenir for you, if you really need them

    o         Warm sweater

    For the exhibition you are asked to bring with you everything you think may be useful to
    present your organisation and promote your activities and projects, such as leaflets,
    brochures, videos, slides, etc.


    For the evenings if you want to show your cultural country and fix some party you are
    kindly welcome to bring with you everything you think may be useful to promote your country,
    such as typical food and drinks, traditional clothes and music, local musical instruments, etc.


    Special requirements

    ·          When you have some special requirements including food (vegetarian, etc.),
    please do not hesitate to write to Mr. TONY VIEIRA email:



    What to do if you come early or stay later
    We have ski tracks for 90km, slalom downhill sky resort  mountain (10 minutes from your hostal, it costs, around 17€ to rent skis, and you have to pay 9 € to go in mountain a all day.
    More info here:

    Swimminpool center with Sauna indours, 5€ all day


    Adventure in nordic city here:


    Ski in top class:

    It takes around about 2 hours from Sollefteå by bus, look here:

    Choose ÅRE




    Venue of the seminar:

    Hola folkhögskola = Hola folks highschool
    Prästmon i Kramfors municipality, 10 minutes from Kramfors / Sollefteå  airport.


    How to get to the venue sollefteå sweden:

    When travelling by plane:

    Please try to book your flight tickets as soon as possible to destination ARLANDA STOCKHOLM
    OR KRAMFORS (KFR) which are the nearest airports to the venue

    If you are travelling by Nordic regional to Kramfors Sollefteå airport, a one way flight booked
    by the Internet will cost you only 690:-  SEK (70 Euro) -
    (from Kramfors Sollefteå  airport  is  15 km to Sollefteå and 5 minutes to the seminar venue, we will pick
    you up there!) and it will be must cheaper for you,
    the airport transfer will cost you not more than 5 Euros

      The second best option is also booking the flight by SAS = Scandinavian Airlines System, SAS

      You can buy a Electronic ticket here, the travel from ARLANDA STOCKHOLM airport
      (150 km  away from Sollefteå (1 h 30 min by car), we will pick you up there of course!)
      If you book the domestic flight by the Internet it costs around 450:- SEK (50€) one way, please check it on internet, just remember the receipt, print it out.
      Remember that the airport transfer here it will cost you 15 €.

      Airports information:

      For Arlanda Stockholm, Sundsvall Midland or Kramfors:


      When travelling by train:(5 to 6 hours travelling)
      If you want to be informed about the timetable, please
      connect to the
      official web site where you can also find the English version. 
      YOU SHALL Travel from Stockholm C (Central station)  or directly from
      ARLANDA C (airport
      Arlanda train station) to the following stations:

      The prices are the same as airplane sometimes even more expensive,
      for the most if you go by train you will go to Sundsvall or Härnösand and than change to bus to Sollefteå.


      When Travelling by BUS Express(5 to 6 hours travelling)

      ·          There a bus directly to Sollefteå city (has 5 or 6 stops)
      Y – BUS
      In the 14th march it goes one bus at 10:15 am from City Terminal Stockholm and arrives in Sollefteå at 18.30pm -it costs 25 euro student and 35 Euro to adult, you can buy in the bus terminal right away.
      In 19th march goes one buss at 10.30m and arrives Stockholm city terminal at 19pm, it cost the same price.

              From International airport ARLANDA STOCKHOLM to city terminal takes 20 minutes by Arlanda express and 55 minutes by fly bus and it goes every 10 minutes all day both ways.

      When travelling from International airport ARLANDA
      Stockholm to Stockholm
      City Terminal and train Central station
      Stockholm C

      There is 2 ways

       Option 1
      It goes every 10 minutes and it takes only 20 minutes (Fast train as TGV)
      It costs 100:- SEK (10 Euros) one way


      Adult.............................................................. 200 SEK (21 €)
      Child/ Youth 8-25 yrs.................................... 100 SEK (11 €)
      Senior Citizen................................................. 100 SEK
      Student........................................................... 100 SEK
      Sold at ticket counters only. Valid CSN-, ISIC-,
      Mecenat-, Membit- or Studentkortet required.
      Return Ticket.................................................. 380 SEK
      Valid for one month since purchase.
      2 hours return ticket...................................... 220 SEK
      Valid for 2 hrs since start of journey
      6 hours return ticket...................................... 280 SEK

        Option 2
        FLYG BUSS

        It goes every 10 minutes and it costs adult  89:- sek (9 €), youth 59:- (6 €)
        If you go from ARLANDA airport to Stockholm city terminal or to Stockholm C central station
        just go outside the Arlanda airport terminal and you will find the FlygBussarna bus station in
        nr.11, 12       look here a example from your terminal:


        When you arrive to Stockholm C or City terminal that is the MAIN TRAVEL STATION for everything bus, trains, airports etc… you will easily find everything in 50m distance, look to Stockholm map:

        Please, advise us as soon as possible about your arrival and departure time.

        Here is an emergency mobile phone number in case of changes during arrival:

        Mr. Tony Vieira cellular. +46 70346 18 92 or directly from Sweden. 07034617892


        Information of Sollefteå city:

         Information of Sweden:



        citizens are kindly asked to bring with them EU insurance card for their
        health care assistance abroad and other travel insurance.

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