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We  Youth  For  Europe  Association

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Vi Unga För Europa föreningen =

We Youth For Europe association

located in Malmö Sweden www.malmo.se

We are a non govermental organisation connected with Vi Unga

förbundet association = Young Folks Association Sweden




What can you do in VUFEs direction and aims?

-Youth affairs with a European insight

-Inform and support youth leaders to participate in different training courses, contact meetings, youth seminars, youth exchanges  and short study visits with  different themes, both in Sweden and in all Europe. It can be about intercultural learning ICL, meetings over the borders, conflict management, project management, human rights, democracy, unemployment, education and training to valorise the achievements of the existing initiatives, to encourage stronger dialogue between main governmental and non-governmental actors in the youth field about the European union YOUTH programme as a tool for developing youth work, European youth co-operation and youth mobility

-to initiate and develop a more strategic approach for the further implementation of the European Inion YOUTH programme in all Europe, to give a clearer sense of purpose to the various local, national and regional actors working for the youth in the countries of Europe.

-to increase the accessibility of the SALTO-YOUTH programme in all  local clubs in our region.


-European solidarity


The “VUFE” Association wants  to promote youth initiatives by developing the european dimension of local projects and facilitating the contact-making for networking projects within all action in the framme of the European youth program YOUTH IN ACTION


Main activities

course for the development of Support measures

• Youth exchanges, youth related seminars, feasibilitiy visits, job shadowing,

European voluntary service projects, international study visits, training courses for youth leaders, youth camps, youth network, local youth iniatives and cultural initiatives within European dimension.



Vi Unga För Europa föreningen

c/o A. Vieira

Friisgatan 29

SE - 214 21 Malmö Sweden


WhatsApp, Viber

Cellular. +46 7034 1892

Email. info@vufe.org


Board 2019

President: Mr Antonio (Tony) Vieira

Email. tony@vufe.org


Threasure / economy: Aleksandra Szmit

Email. aleksandra@vufe.org


Vice President: Johannes Melander

Email. johannes@vufe.org


Accounter: Henrick Björck



Technical support / groupleader: Jens Lindgren

Email. jens@vufe.org



Email. info@vufe.org


Members on board

Email. firstname@vufe.org


Chief adviser on international affairs Russia:

Ms. Ekaterina Lycheva




Vi Unga För Europa - We youth for Europe association




Vi Unga Förbundet


Members of old directory Board 2003




VUFE was foundet in Sollefteå municipality Sweden in 1996 by a group of youngsters that want to discover Spain by European youth programme Youth For Europe



Slovenske Konjie Slovenia, Cesis Latvia, Arkganglesk Russia, Cecilia Italy, Potenza Italy, Thesaloniki Greece, Spain, Kosice Slovakia,



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Tony Vieira, continue as President of VUFE Vi Unga För Europa förening, We Youth For Europe Association Malmö Sweden

Our President Mr Tony Vieira got mission to continue leading our association 2019 forward.

Get inspire in Siberia 2020

Youth Camps, training courses in teambuildning, ICL Inter cultural learning projects, Outdoors expermental learning in Siberia is our future planed activities 2019, 2020 and 2021 in Krasnoyarsk (region) is a region within Krasnoyarsk Krai. Siberia Russia. After Universiade 2019 in city Kranoyarsk Russia, region will have offer great arenas for sport and youth activities and fantastic venues for new projects, VUFE Ass. will be open Window for EU coorporation with Siberia.

More news coming soon! Welcome back!

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Email:    info@vufe.org

 WhatsApp, Viber nr: + 46 70346 18 92

Sollefteå & Malmö Sweden


The mission of Eurodesk


is to raise awareness among young people on mobility opportunities

and to encourage them to become active citizens.

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Vi Unga För Europa är en Vi Unga klubb

VUFE - We Youth For Europe Association

is a Vi Unga club


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